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HoMedics Vibration Comfort Massager with Heat.


Enjoy a deeply calming massage experience from the comfort of your home, office or even your car with the HoMedics Vibration Comfort Massager with Heat. This easily portable back massager offers three customised massage zones for your upper, middle and lower back areas. Choose the high setting to invigorate muscles and the low setting to relax them. You also have the option to add heat for a soothing sensation as well as vibration motors for the ultimate back relief. With handy integrated controls, this HoMedics back massager is easy to use, convenient and highly effective.

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Relax At Home
Plug in, relax and unwind at home with a soothing vibration massage chair. With a neat and slimline design, you can sink comfortably into your favourite chair or sofa.

Secure Strapping System
Fits comfortably to most home/office chairs and car seats. Using the strapping system to secure the chair prevents any chance of slipping off.

On The Go
Using the 12v car adaptor included, you can enjoy a massage on the go. The warming heat and comforting vibration refreshes and invigorates your usual commute. With simple controls, there’s nothing left for you to do but sit back and enjoy the ride.

Integrated Control Panel
Choose the high setting to invigorate muscles and the low setting to relax them. You also have the option to warm your massage with heat for a soothing sensation. Combined with the vibration motors, you can enjoy the ultimate relief from stress and tension.

Conveniently Portable
The HoMedics Vibration Comfort Chair Cushion is easy to use, conveniently portable and highly effective. Take it on your weekend trips and bid adieu to sore back muscles from those long drives. Need to use at home, no worries, just fold and carry it away! This chair is easy to store and would make the perfect addition to your lifestyle.

Soothing Heat
Intensifiy the massage by using the soothing heat function to reach deeper into the muscles as they stretch and loosen.

Dimensions (cm): L: 44.5 x W: 94 x H: 4
Weight (kg): 1
Mains Powered (Includes an adapter that can be used in the car – in the cigarette outlet)

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