Garden Grow Premium Portable 6 Shelf Greenhouse

Original price was: €99.90.Current price is: €69.90.

The white PE covers allows for maximum light and prevents the risk of sun-scorch

Netted windows ensure the temperature within the greenhouse can be controlled but no flying pests can get in

6 powder coated wire shelves are the perfect place to grow seedlings

Strong and durable powder coated steel frames

12-month guarantee

If you’re limited on space but would love to have a greenhouse to get your seeds and young plants going then the Garden Grow Premium 6 Shelf Greenhouse is the ideal solution for you.

The powder-coated metal frame holds 6 wire rack shelves which are perfect for seed trays to stand on and the white PE cover allows for the best amount of light without the risk of scorching, also incorporating netted windows to allow fresh air in whilst keeping pests out! It also features double-stitched seams for maximum durability and has a double zip door that can be rolled up for easy access.

To help keep the greenhouse secure to the ground it is supplied with high-quality, durable, metal pegs.

To complement this greenhouse, we offer a range of seedling trays, extra shelving units and replacement PE covers.

Also available to purchase is a larger 12 shelf greenhouse.

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