Sonic & Flash – Universal Animal Repeller


Works on solar energy and is weather resistant
Easy to fix in the ground or on the wall
Infrared motion detector
Dual speaker and ultrasonic waves
Environmentally friendly

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Do you suffer from pests that destroy your entire garden? From now on, the Universal Animal Repeller will keep pests out of your garden, in a healthy, environmentally friendly way. The Universal Animal Repeller emits ultrasonic waves as soon as the pest detects. These cannot be heard by human hearing, but can be heard by mice, rabbits, cats, squirrels, deer and other vermin. As a result, they will no longer dare to take a step in your garden. The Universal Animal Repeller ensures that pests stay out of your garden without the use of pesticides. The Repeller works on solar energy and is therefore also extremely sustainable and environmentally friendly. You can also easily switch off the Animal Repeller when your pet is outside in the garden.

You can easily attach the Universal Animal Repeller with a pin in the ground, or hang it on the wall. The Universal Animal Repeller has an infrared motion detector that covers an area of ​​up to 50 m2. The Universal Animal Repeller also includes a dual speaker with ultrasonic waves. The infrared sensors work during the day and at night and because it works on solar energy, you rarely have to replace a battery. You can also use the Universal Animal Repeller throughout the season, because it is weather resistant and safe for the environment!

Thanks to the adjustable frequency and 5 different settings, you can set the device to target specific species or animals.

Suitable for ground stake or wall mounting. The repeller contains 3 AA batteries (included).

Size product (LxWxH) 12x7x15

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