Reflex Pillow


Noel O’Conner, the Irish inventor behind the Reflex Pillow, is a specialist in the treatment of back and neck pain since 1987.


After having to both see and treat countless patients, he was motivated to create a pillow that could alleviate so many of the issues that come from poor sleep such as neck pain, spinal alignment, sleep apnoea, snoring, insomnia and even teeth grinding.



    • Most ideal for side sleepers


    • Created in Ireland


    • Reflex foam is 50% softer than memory foam


    • An expensive pillow no doubt but with the quality to match


    • The Reflex Pillow is fully patented and trademarked.
      It is also an approved medical device and CE certified.


Neck / Shoulder Pain

It helps your cervical spine maintain improved alignment during the whole night which prevents stress and strain on your neck and shoulder muscles, especially the supportive muscles in the upper neck which are under continuous strain during the day

Morning Pain / Teeth grinding
It provides support to your whole spine, as a result, this improves blood circulation and redistributes your body weight correctly which helps prevent or reduce stiffness in the morning.
Your much less likely to toss and turn during the night because of the stability of the head in the head dip.

Snoring / Insomnia

By maintaining your head in the correct position, your neck and shoulder will also be in the correct position. Reflexpillow tilts your head upwards and positions it in slight extension.
In doing so, your airways are unobstructed and open allowing you to breathe normally.

Relieves Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
The unique design of this pillow positions your head thus your air passages in a naturally open position improving oxygen intake,this means your breathing will be normal or less obstructed delivering a more refreshed sleep.


23x16x4 ins

58x41x10 cm

Weight 10 kg

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