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Cree Hands-Free DIY Head Torch


3w cree headlightdurable weather resistant head
Push / pull zoom focus from a local flood light to a beam approx. 200 meters and give 180 lumens of crisp white light
3 functions, on/off, dim and strobe
3 x aaa panasonic batteries supplied. Head comes off and can be applied to helment for sitework or cap
10 year guarantee



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This head light is made from strong soft touch ABS Plastic and features a push / pull zoom focus that will take the light from a local flood light to a beam so strong it cast a beam for approx. 200 metres and give 180 Lumens of crisp white light.
The construction is solid and weather proof so is ideal for all outdoor activities and ideal for camping, hiking, boating, walking and cycling.
The head can be removed and fixed onto a helmet so is ideal for site work or can be fitted to the lip of a cap so makes this ideal for DIY work, in fact anywhere where hands free light is needed.
Comes supplied with 3 AAA high quality Panasonic batteries so the head light is ready to use straight away.
The head light has three functions, on/off, dim and strobe and the headband can be adjusted.
The front head light pivots for angled use.

The LED is a latest edition genuine CREE chip which will last for approx. 11 years in constant use day and night. Cree makes some of the world’s most reliable LEDs. Police Forces, Armies and Special Forces across the globe depend on their performance.

Weight 10 kg

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