BluFit Tiger – Elliptical trainer

Original price was: €169.90.Current price is: €139.90.

  • Stay fit while you sit! With the BluFit Tiger you can turn any sitting activity into a powerful and practical workout
  • Mini exercise bike with 8 resistance levels
  • Stay fit while sitting, train your arms and/or legs
  • Burn more calories, develop stronger muscles and increase your energy level
  • Suitable for any sport level

Seated elliptical cross trainer

Did you know that lack of time is one of the main reasons people don’t exercise? Thanks to the BluFit Tiger, you can no longer use that reason as an excuse. With this compact and seated elliptical cross trainer you can train without having to give up your favorite activities!

Elliptical trainer with 8 resistance levels

Use the BluFit Tiger while working under your desk or in front of your chair while reading or watching TV! Turn any sedentary activity into a powerful and super practical workout. BluFit Tiger has eight resistance levels. Start at the beginner level and progress by pushing your muscles to the next level. You’ll get a great cardio workout, burn calories, build muscle, boost your energy and even improve the function and flexibility of your joints! This low impact elliptical cross trainer for your knees is easy to use and ideal for all sport levels.

Weighs – 6.5 kgs
Size – 27,5x17x26

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