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One Button Radio


Retro-style analogue radio that offers an easy way to listen to your favourite stations without the need to retune and change the volume. Perfect for those who enjoy the same station all day, every day, or for those who find multiple controls difficult or confusing. Great for individuals with memory problems or Dementia, dexterity problems or visual impairments.

Includes 2 main control dials – volume and frequency. Once easily tuned to your required AM/FM station and the volume chosen, you can turn the radio on and off by pressing the large button on the top.The control knobs can be removed and placed in the rear compartment of the radio for safe storage and the magnetic panel covers the buttons to keep your settings in the right place.


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Musical Activities

Musical Activities, especially in community settings can enhance the social, emotional and cognitive well-being of older adults. Music can improve mood and reduce agitation, encourage social interaction, help with memory recall and facilitate self-identity. These benefits can also have knock on effects on sleep patterns and improved appetite – for meals and for life in general! Most people can enjoy music – even those who do not play a musical instrument and those who cannot sing in tune may take pleasure from talking about, listening to, clapping to or moving to music.

  • 2 main control dials – volume and frequency
  • Mains or battery powered (6 x C batteries to be purchased separately)
  • Size: 33L x 15W x 19cmH
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