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Emporia TH21ABB-UK Amplified Telephone Set and Answering Machine


Emporia TH21ABB-UK Amplified Telephone Set and Answering Machine

Even if they have an loud telephone they can hear, elderly people can have trouble getting from room to room to answer it. The Emporia TH21ABB-UK Amplified Telephone Set and Answering Machine is a comprehensive amplified landline set-up that includes a corded phone, a cordless phone and a digital answering machine, so your loved one will never miss a call.

The telephone set also features a really simple interface and easy-to-read display, along with a 30 person call log and a phonebook with up to 50 memory slots, on top of a hands free speaker and dialling function that can be used while the phones are on hook. Keeping in contact with your elderly loved ones is easier with Emporia.

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Corded Telephone with Digital Answering Machine
  • 1 x Cordless Telephone
  • 1 x Telephone Line
  • 1 x Receiver Cord
  • 1 x AC Adapter
  • 1 x Quick-Start Guide

Key Information

  • Receiver Volume: Up to 30dB
  • Ringing Volume: Up to 30dB
  • Hearing aid compatible

What Makes the Emporia TH21ABB-UK Such a Fantastic Amplified Telephone Set?

The Emporia TH21ABB-UK Cordless Amplified Telephone Set and Answering Machine is designed especially for those with moderate hearing, vision and memory issues. The result is two incredibly easy-to-use telephones. It sets itself apart with features like:

  • Corded and Cordless Phones: Includes both a corded and a cordless unit. This is great for multi-story and larger homes, or just for putting in different rooms
  • Loud Receiver: Hear calls clearer and louder than ever before with an adjustable volume that goes up to 30dB (4x louder than a regular phone!)
  • Loud Ringer: The ringer is similarly loud, with 6 adjustable volume settings and 10 available ring tones
  • Answering Machine: Digital answering machine with 60 minutes of storage, customisable outgoing message and remote access
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility: Connect seamlessly to your hearing aid – compatible with HAC specified hearing aids
  • Large Easy-Read Display: A large, bright screen displays names and numbers, as well as the time and date
  • Extra Large Buttons: Dialling couldn’t be easier with extra-large, high-contrast buttons, made specifically for the vision-impaired or those with limited motor function
  • Conference Calling: The telephone also features a three-way conference call mode which is great for business use or just for family catch-ups!
  • Handsfree Use: For those with limited use of one or both hands, the phone can be dialled and used in speakerphone while it on hook, in the base

How Loud Is the Emporia TH21ABB-UK?

The Emporia TH21ABB-UK is a great choice for anyone with moderate hearing loss thanks to the loud ringer with 6 available settings to suit each individual user. Emporia are best known for the crystal clear clarity of their reception and the receiver volume can be increased up to 30dB at the touch of a button.

Is This Phone Set Hearing Aid Compatible?

Yes this phone set can easily be linked to HAC specification hearing aids, so even if you suffer from severe hearing loss, you won’t miss a call.

Are the Numbers and Keys Easy to See?

With large, high contrast buttons and an inverted, bright LCD display, the Emporia TH21ABB-UK is great for those with vision issues. The caller ID shows the caller’s number and will come up with a name in large, bold letters if the contact is saved in the phone book.

Is This Phone Set Suitable for Those Experiencing Memory Loss?

It can be hard for anyone to keep track of numbers and details of people who called us, let alone for those with a reduced memory. These Emporia Amplified Telephones keeps track of those things for you with a phone book with up to 50 entries and a 30 call log.

Includes Corded and Cordless Telephone

Included with the TH21ABB-UK is both a corded and cordless unit. For many people or households, one amplified phone is not enough and they may need one for each floor, or for different rooms. This is also useful for people with limited mobility, who might find it hard to get to a phone.

How Easy Is the Emporia TH21ABB-UK Phone to Use?

The Emporia TH21ABB-UK includes a simple quick-start guide and is really easy to set up. It’s designed to be as intuitive and basic as possible, while still retaining fantastic features. With extra large buttons, bright and clear LCD displays, as well as operation in 8 languages, anyone can use this phone and answering machine set.

Conference Call Capability

Something that set’s this phone set apart is its three way conference call function. It’s great for catching up with friends, or even two grandkids at opposite ends of the country at the same time!

Other Features and Benefits of the Emporia Amplified Phone

  • Incudes both corded and cordless units for comprehensive landline set-up
  • Digital answering machine with a recording time of up to 60 minutes
  • Record your own outgoing voicemail recording or use pre-set option
  • Electronic phone book with up to 50 entries
  • Remote access to answering machine so you can check messages while out of the house
  • Caller list with up to 30 entries along with date and time of calls
  • Call waiting and call redirect available so you won’t miss a call
  • Three-way conference call capability
  • Audio boost button raises the volume of the receiver to 30dB for the duration of the call
  • Highly adjustable receiver volume up to 30dB
  • Extra-loud ringer with 6 available volume settings and 10 available melodies
  • High-contrast keys to make dialling easier
  • Large, illuminated display ideal for those with limited vision
  • Caller ID displayed clearly so you can see who’s calling
  • HAC specification hearing aid compatible
  • Hands free feature, simple to use and easy to activate
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