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Wonder Core – Rock n Fit


  • Fitness vibration plate for effective training of your whole body
  • Train your arms, legs, shoulders, back and core,
  • More than 500 tensions per minute
  • For fat burning and improving blood circulation
  • Includes exercise chair and elastic resistance bands
  • 5 training programs and 20 training levels

Fitness vibration plate with training chair

The Wonder Core Rock N fit is an innovative vibration plate for the home and works through proven scientific vibration technology. Thanks to the 500 tensions per minute, effective movements are generated. Because the muscles in your body automatically tighten thanks to the vibrations, an optimal training result is achieved and fat burning and blood circulation are improved. The Rock N Fit fitness vibration plate is equipped with a handy training seat with handles and elastic resistance bands.

Full body training device for the home

With the fitness vibration plate you can do the most common fitness exercises in the gym at home! Don’t know how to start? The accompanying training guide explains the different exercises; think of squats, planks, shoulder presses for strong shoulders and bicep curls and tricep extensions for tight arms. The abs are trained with the training chair or challenge yourself by planking on the device. The device is suitable for everyone and has 5 training programs and 20 levels. This allows you to adjust the time, intensity and speed as desired. Thanks to the non-slip platform and the legs with suction cups, Rock N Fit always stays in place, regardless of the training level.

Focus on the abs

The Wonder Core brand is known for its abdominal trainers. You are also effectively working on strengthening your core with the Rock N Fit. In the exercise guide you will find various exercises especially for training the high, low, middle and oblique abdominal muscles. The perfect height of the chair in combination with the vibrations of the fitness vibration plate ensure that your abdominal muscles are put under maximum tension. As a result, you immediately work on strong abdominal muscles.


Weight KG 15,000,000
Colour Multicolor
Brand Miracle Core
EAN 8720612801087
Product size (LxWxH) 67x41x30
Outer box dimensions (LxWxH) 67x41x30
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