• Pre-seasoned; Oil is baked into the pans at a high temperature, creating a naturally non-stick surface, the older they get the better they get!


    • 3-piece set; The seat features a 10”, 8” and a 6” skillet pan


    • Hob-to-oven cooking; Perfect for versatile cooking as you can quickly transfer a pan from the hob to the oven and really perfect your skillet cooking skills


    • Dimensions; Pan diameter; large: 26cm, medium: 20cm, small: 16cm, with a total capacity of 3 litres


    • Warranty; 2-year warranty 


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Cooks Professional Three-Piece Set of Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Skillet Pans


These pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet pans from Cooks Professional are a must have for any kitchen. They have been individually baked with oil, rubbed on at a high temperature so that they have a naturally non-stick surface. These cast-iron pans also get better with age, the more they are used the better the coating becomes on their surface, adding more flavour to every meal you make.


They can be used for cooking steaks, frittatas and even for making delicious cookies with gooey centres, fresh from the oven. These pans are also oven safe up to 250°C and they have hanging loops so can be put on display in your kitchen. They have pouring lips on either side of the pans so it’s easier than ever to remove excess fats or oils from your cooking and they also cook evenly, to ensure your food is perfect every time. This three-piece cast-iron skillet set really is a must for every kitchen.


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Dimensions (including handle): L36.8 x W27 x H5cm
Pan diameter: 26cm
Weight: 2.1kg
Capacity: 1.7L


Dimensions (including handle): L30 x W21 x H4.5cm
Pan diameter: 20cm
Weight: 1.25kg
Capacity: 0.93L


Dimensions (including handle): L25 x W16 x H3cm
Pan diameter: 16cm
Weight: 0.75kg
Capacity: 0.38L

Weight 10 kg
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