• Durable; Made from forged aluminium with a stainless-steel base for super-hardwearing strength and durability


    • Set of 3; The saucepans measure 16cm, 18cm and 20cm all with lids


    • Stylish; Designed with a beautiful inner granite-effect ceramic coating, and a heat resistant outer with copper tones and look


    • Suitable for all hobs; includes an induction safe, stainless steel base


    • Non-stick; Cook without using oils and fats


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Cooks Professional Three-piece Copper and Granite-effect Saucepan Set
If you’re looking for a reliable and durable set of pans then you need this three-piece set of copper and granite-effect saucepans from Cooks Professional. Created from forged aluminium, they have excellent strength and durability. The three different sizes provide you with a saucepan for every eventuality. Due to their exceptional non-stick coating they do not require any oil or fat so meals are healthier and cleaning the pans is quick and easy too. These pans heat up quickly and will stay hotter for longer to cook food more evenly, making them an all-round kitchen must-have.


These saucepans come as a set of three, the smallest is 16cm and 8cm deep, perfect for boiling or poaching eggs or heating up soup and sauces; the medium one is 18cm and 9cm deep, great to use for cooking the vegetables for your Sunday roast; and the biggest is 20cm with a generous 10cm depth, ideal for cooking for the whole family or batch cooking. All the saucepans come with their own lid, which has a small steam ventilation hole. Each saucepan has a soft touch Bakelite handle which is designed to keep cool when used on a hob. All three saucepans have stainless steel bases and are suitable for use on all hobs, including induction, so no need to spend a fortune on expensive induction hob pans.


Stylish Design
These copper and granite-effect pans are not only practical and functional but will also provide your kitchen with some style. Whether you hang them, display them or stack them in a cupboard, they will look stylish and enhance the look of any kitchen. On the inside of the pan they are coated in granite-effect non-stick ceramic, and the outer is heat resistant with a copper tone and look. When not in use the pans also nest together for easy storage. Dishwasher safe.


This set of three copper and granite-effect saucepans provide you with strength, non-stick cooking and style all in one.


Small: 16cm Diameter, 8cm deep
Medium pan: 18cm Diameter, 9cm deep
Large pan: 20cm Diameter, 10cm deep

Weight 10 kg
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