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5 Minute Shaper PRO


  • Fitness machine trains different muscle groups in no time
  • The PRO has a rotatable shaper so you can also train oblique muscles
  • Train your abs, arms, core, legs, buttocks and back
  • Adjustable resistance levels, so suitable for every fitness level
  • Including manual, workout DVD and nutrition guide

Getting your body in shape becomes a breeze with the 5 Minute Shaper PRO. With this fitness device you can train different muscle groups quickly and easily – and that too at home!

The 5 Minute Shaper PRO is ideal for practicing fitness at home. The emphasis of your training with this device is on your abs and core, but your arms, back, legs and buttocks are also trained. In addition, the PRO has a rotatable Shaper, which allows you to train your oblique abdominal muscles in a very targeted manner.

A full body workout in just 5 minutes a day. Say for yourself: that is ideal!

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